Barrie Cooke & Dermot Healy

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This edition was commissioned to mark Barrie Cooke's 80th Birthday and solo exhibition at IMMA which included some 70 paintings and sculptural works from the early 1960s to the present. It draws from the Museum's own significant holding of his works, including Slow Dance Forest Floor, 1976, Megaceros Hibernicus , 1983 and Electric Elk, 1996, as well as loans from various private and institutional collections.


Born in Cheshire, England, in 1931, Cooke moved to the US as a teenager and studied Art History at Harvard University. He then moved to Ireland in 1954 and had his first solo exhibition in Dublin the following year. He has been based in Ireland ever since. Cooke is widely travelled, and his richly expressionistic, semi-abstract paintings have been strongly influenced by the time spent in such far-flung places as Lapland, New Zealand, Borneo and Malaysia.

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Barrie Cooke

A hardcover comprehensive survey of Barrie Cooke?s career - with 82 colour plates across 162 pages. Authors, Editor and Contributors: Brian Dillon, Dorothy Cross, Seamus Heaney, Enrique Juncosa, and Karen Sweeney.


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Barrie Cooke, Limited Edition Book and Print, 2011

  • with exclusive intaglio print, a co-signed collaboration between Barrie Cooke and Dermot Healy
  • 26 copies, lettered A to Z, (245mm x 180mm)
  • Texts by Brian Dillon, Dorothy Cross, Seamus Heaney, Enrique Juncosa, and Karen Sweeney
  • 168 pages, featuring 82 colour plates
  • Cloth bound and slip-cased with grey and black foiling

  • €695 full price
  • €625 IMMA members price